TRY Center’s vision: Society where all women and girls can thrive in safe spaces. Their voices, concerns and needs are truly heard.


TRY Center’s mission: To empower, and inspire women and youth through education, research, and training; To hear women and girl's voices; To work towards sustainable peace, conflict resolution and development.

As the war escalated in Syria in 2011, the situation became critical; more refugees began to cross the borders. In this context, “TRY” center started working to make an effort to adopt projects and Interventions with focus on women and girls and their communities. Therefore, there were two basic reasons for starting Try Center organization: the needs of the community in particular women and girls refugees and the complicated situation of the region.


Jordan has the highest ratio of refugees to indigenous population of any country. More than 40% of Jordan’s current population originates from other countries, including two million Palestinians, up to 1.3 million Syrians and 29,000 Iraqis. The Syrian refugee surveys and assessments of Palestinian refugees in Jordan confirm the necessity to give attention to vulnerable groups such as female headed households, women and children. They are expected to be most at risk of food insecurity, sexual violence, labor exploitation and psycho-social trauma. Special attention should also be given to the elderly. In humanitarian emergencies these sectors typically represent the most vulnerable because they tend to have less access to social and economic resources to meet household food, health needs and protection compared to other demographic groups.

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